What Is A Sports Massage?

Contrary to the name, you don’t have to play sport to benefit from a sports massage. There are many reasons to have a sports massage

  • To help to prevent injuries
  • To alleviate symptoms of pain and discomfort
  • Mental benefits, among many more

A sports massage generally focuses on an area of pain or an area that is causing pain elsewhere. This will become apparent during the initial assessment. Our physio may use a variety of massage techniques which will increase the blood flow in an area to reduce swelling or trigger point therapy which breaks down adhesions/knots in the muscle and stretching to increase your range of motion. In most cases a combination of all of these will be used.

These deep tissue techniques aim to relieve muscle tension, discomfort and pain. The benefits of a sports massage can be quite quick, as it increases the amount of blood to localised areas which helps to flush out any waste products, which can build up within the muscle tissue. These methods increase the blood flow which increases the amount of oxygen and good nutrients within the muscle.

Who Would Benefit From A Sports Massage?

The simple answer to this question is everyone would benefit from a sports massage. A sports massage is not just for sporting minded people but for all that have a build up of muscle tension caused by regular activity. When you decide to book in for a sports massage depends on the level of activity you are participating in and at what stage of recovery you are at. The different stages can be categorised as

  • Pre-competition (before an event)
  • Inter competition (during an event)
  • Post competition (after an event)
  • Injury recovery
  • Injury prevention

Many people who have had a sports massage say it is amazing and can’t believe how life changing they can be. Many people book regular sessions, so they can continue to reap the rewards from their first massage.

If you feel you would benefit from one of our sports massages then please book online or drop us an email for further details at jason@cardysportsclinic.co.uk