Why Do I Have Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain?

Since Covid hit back at the start of 2020, we saw a huge increase in clients suffering with neck pain and back pain. Many had been sent to work from home, or had been furloughed. This meant they were no longer using their nice comfortable desk and work setup. Therefore, an increase in muscle pain and change in posture was seen. Honestly, the best thing you can do when suffering with neck or shoulder pain is to book in for a deep tissue massage. You will see a significant change in your pain straight after one session!

What can cause my neck pain?

Within the neck region, there are a variety of different structures that can be affected. Typically, your pain will be caused by the muscles, unless you have suffered a significant injury from a car crash etc.

  • Poor Posture
  • Poor Work Environment
  • Lack of Breaks When at a Laptop
  • Sleeping Awkwardly
  • Whiplash
  • More Serious Pathology

The best way to determine what is causing your pain is to seek professional advice. Try to avoid aggravating the neck problem further and rest it. If you think it is caused by your current work environment you can do a few things to ease this.

  • Contact the company your work for. Tell them that your current working arrangement isn’t suitable. Following this, they should put in place a plan to improve your setup or, alternatively, provide you the help you need.
  • Take plenty of breaks throughout the day, get up and get moving.
  • Try to avoid looking down at your computer throughout the day. Have the computer at eye level if possible.
neck pain

My pain is in my neck radiating down through my shoulder, why?

Within the neck and shoulder area there is a large muscle called the trapezius muscle. This runs from the upper back up into the neck and along the shoulder. When this muscle is tight, it can put pressure onto the nerves that run around the muscle down into the arm. This type of neck and shoulder pain is very irritating and can cause a lot of discomfort for you day to day. The best thing to do is to stretch and keep moving. Alongside your stretching, get yourself a treatment with a professional and watch your pain disappear.

I have been suffering with more headaches, how can I ease this?

Tension headaches are a horrible thing to suffer with. These headaches never seem to end, feeling more like a migraine and nothing seemingly easing the pain. Tension headaches have a variety of different causes, therefore, which cause is affecting you?

More than likely, this is due to poor posture or muscle tension. Often, stress can be the cause. It is hard to control the areas in your life, externally, that give you stress. However, you can help yourself with your posture and muscle tension. Get moving, get stretching and get your muscles working better for you. You will find this is much easier to do as a preventative method. When you are suffering with a tension headache you should take painkillers and try to stretch as much as you can.