How Does My Running Style Affect The Running Shoe I Need?

Whether you are new to running or an experienced runner; having the right footwear is essential to help you get the most out of your running but also to reduce the risk and prevent injuries from occurring. For all of your running shoe needs and to get a gait analysis to determine the best shoe for you visit Fit2Run in Abingdon.

What are the 3 main types of running gait?

To truly determine your running gait, you will need to either film yourself or be filmed running. This will show how your foot is interacting with the ground. Ultimately, this will lead to you find the perfect footwear for your natural running style.

  • Supinated: This is when the outer side of the foot strikes the ground, landing more on the outer portion of the sole. This is usually seen in runners with high arches.
  • Pronated: Around 70% of the population will over-pronate when running. As the foot is planted it rolls inward excessively, transferring weight to the inner edge instead of evenly spreading it over the whole sole. It’s usually seen in runners with low arches or flat feet.
  • Neutral: This occurs when you place your foot down and land on the outer edge of the sole. The foot then pronates in a controlled manner, distributing weight evenly, helping with the shock absorption. On push off, there is an even distribution of pressure from the front of the foot.

What makes a neutral shoe?

  • Majority of the cushioning is in the heel. As the whole foot or majority of the foot comes into contact with the ground, less support is needed elsewhere.
  • These types of shoes may be lighter as there is less cushioning and support needed.
  • The shoes design may make the shoe appear more curved. As there is a less need for more cushioning and support, the shoe doesn’t touch the ground throughout.

You will choose a neutral shoe if you have a neutral or supinated running style.

What makes a stability shoe?

A stability running shoe will provide more support to the inside of the foot. This will help to stop over pronation of the feet when running. These are typically heavier than neutral shoes due to more cushioning and support.

You will get this shoe if you have an over pronation running style.

Neutral Shoe Examples

Men’s Shoes

Asics Gel-Nimbus

Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 Men’s

Check it out here

ON Cloudflyer

ON Cloudflyer Men’s

Check it out here

Women’s Shoes

Asics Gel-Pursue 7

Check it out here

Brooks Glycerin 19 Women’s

Check it out here

Stability Shoe Examples

Men’s Shoes

Asics GT-4000 2 Men’s

Check it out here

Brooks Transcend 7 Men’s

Women’s Shoes

Asics GT-4000 2 Women’s

Check it out here

New Balance 860v10 Women’s

If you have any questions about your running style and shoe’s get in contact with the highly experienced team at Fit2Run.

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