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Lose The Pain And Tightness With Sports Massage

Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage that naturally gets deeper into your tissues than alternative methods. If you have muscle aches, pain or tightness deciding on the type of massage that will benefit you the most is the hardest part. The best part is, you don’t have to be a sports person or an athlete to get this type of massage.

We have had many people come through the door that didn’t think Sports Massage was for them. They had been suffering with back pain, neck tightness and shoulder pain for so long it was almost a part of their life. After just one session with us, they couldn’t believe they hadn’t tried it sooner.

How Will Sports Massage Help Me?

After a long period of time suffering with pain or tightness, you can often just learn to cope with the pain/discomfort. You don’t have to!

Sports Massage does a whole heap of different things to bring about the most ideal outcome of all, pain-free living. Ultimately, Sports Massage will reduce any tightness, reduce swelling and inflammation, improve circulation to an area along with many other things. Did you know a Sports Massage can help you to sleep too? If this sounds of interest to you, click a button below so we can get you on the road to pain free living.

Who Am I?

My name is Jason and I am the owner of Cardy Sports Clinic. I have been doing Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage now for 4 years. I have treated a wide variety of patients, whilst also seeing vast improvements in movement capabilities, reduction in pain and enjoyment for life return to so many that have come to see me.

Whether you have been suffering with neck pain and shoulder pain from sitting at your laptop, aching muscles from getting back into activity or you just want to keep your muscles looked after. You are in the right place. Get in contact with us now to see how we can help you!

Our Services

We provide 2 main length of treatments here at Cardy Sports Clinic.

After you have had your Initial Assessment (45 minute session) you can then follow this up with a 30 minute appointment or a 60 minute appointment. Upon request, we are able to provide quotes for block purchasing of appointments.

You can find our prices by visiting our booking system. This will show the availability we have over the coming weeks and the price per session.

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    What To Do After Your Massage?

    The best thing you can do following your massage is to hydrate as efficiently as possible. Hydrating regularly, over a longer period of time throughout the day will help to retain the fluid. Instead of losing this through waste. The main reason we want you to stay hydrated following your massage is to help with the muscle synthesis and repair. The less hydrated you are, the longer the muscle repair and regeneration will take.