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How To Warm-Up For A Run In Less Than 5 Minutes With These Warm-Up Exercises For Runners

Warming up for any exercise is key when it comes to injury prevention and performance. Many people don't spend any time on a warm-up due to time constraints.

These warm-up exercises ...
will give the perfect stretches for runners. These warm-up exercises can be used in general for all exercise prep.

The key aspects of a warm-up is that it raises the body temperature, increases heart rate and many other key aspects. If you want to know more about a warm-up check out our blog post below.


The best warm-up exercises before running should be progressive in nature to prepare you mentally and physically for the exercise you have planned ahead.

To warm-up for running you should start off with a brisk walk or a light jog. Build this up through a routine of exercises that are easy to remember so you can just flow through the process effortlessly.

0:00 - Introduction
0:25 - Warm-Up Exercises
2:54 - Outro

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