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Vibrating Foam Roller - Product Review

This video reviews the vibrating foam roller.

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Find out all you need to know about this great product.

The vibrating foam roller has 4 differing speeds with a final setting that allows for a pulsating effect.

We have all used or been told to use a foam roller at some point in our lives, but, how often have we all decided not to do it because it hurt?

Look no further, the added vibrations help to relax your muscles. This leads to you applying more force and being able to see improvements.

Using a vibrating foam roller over a normal foam roller has definitely helped me to get into my IT Band more. Whilst I have seen a huge reduction in my IT band pain.

I don't hesitate in calling this one of the best vibrating foam rollers on the market.

This is the best vibrating foam roller for runners and the best vibrating foam roller for back pain too.

The vibrating foam roller review aims to give you an unbiased opinion on the product. We will hopefully show you why the vibrating foam roller is worth it!

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