Equipment that can help progress your Rehabilitation at Home

After the conclusion of your treatment with your therapist you should always be given exercises that can help you to further progress away from your injured state. You may think that the kit required to perform some of the prescribed exercises will cost a fortune and not benefit you in the long run. In no way are these products endorsed by ourselves, instead, they are options for kit that can be used to get you back to performing your activity at your pre-injury state.

Type of EquipmentWhy this kit?Product Link
Resistance BandsThere are a variety of ways in which resistance bands can be used. This can be used when stretching your muscles, for resistance strengthening exercises and are a great tool to isolate specific muscle groups.
Trigger Point Massage BallNothing beats having a sports massage and truly feeling the trigger points or knots releasing under the pressure of the therapist. When you don’t have as much time available you need a tool that can help keep the knots at bay, this piece of kit is cheap and very durable.
Foam RollerThis is a great piece of equipment to help relieve tightness in a muscle. Whilst you can use this during a warm-up or cool-down to help with your preparation for exercise or to help with recovery.
Exercise BallA variety of exercises can be performed with this bit of kit. Ultimately, a good level of core stability can help to reduce the risk of injury in the future. An exercise ball helps to work stabilising muscles in the core and lower back. Whilst the ball can be incorporated into a strengthening programme.
Balance BoardThis is perfect to help build proprioception following injury or a period of immobilisation. Proprioception can be defined as the awareness of joint position in space. This is usually used for lower limb injuries but having a high level of proprioception can lead to a reduced risk of injury. A balance board can be used for the upper limb too, for example, performing a press-up whilst on a balance board.

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