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We look to bring affordable, high-quality treatment to all patients. Cardy Sports Clinic is a private clinic based in Frilford, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Situated near Kingston Bagpuize, we are easily accessible and well located to help as many of you as possible. Offering a variety of treatments from Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Assessment and Injury Rehabilitation; let us get you back feeling 100%.

Our Sports Therapists specialise in treating your occupational and sports injuries and can diagnose and treat, following our assessment and analysis of your condition. Using different treatment techniques we can work to relieve muscle fatigue and tension, break down scar tissue, reduce swelling, increase recovery, whilst providing sports and deep tissue massage to aid any muscle injuries that you may have. This will help to get you back doing what you love sooner.

Sports Massage For All

We welcome GP referrals and our aim is to get you back to your best as quickly as we can. We do this through the accurate diagnosis of your injury whilst putting in place an action plan that revolves around your recovery. Here at Cardy Sports Clinic we put you first; we look at what you want to achieve and find the quickest and best way to get you there.

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Conditions We Can Treat

Deep Tissue Massage for Lower Back Pain

Sports Massage

We also use Sports Massage for sportsmen and women pre-event, post event and for physical maintenance. Alongside this, we will use techniques that target the deep tissue in your bodies. These treatments are essential for you to achieve optimal performance, whilst also reducing the chances of injury and improving recovery time. The perfect use of this modality is when you are feeling stiff and sore following exercise.

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Sports Clubs & Event Organisers

We can also attend club training nights or sessions to treat your athletes and discuss ways you can manage sports injuries. If you are an event organiser and would like us to attend your event for pre-event treatments, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our Sports Physio’s have successfully treated sporting and occupational injuries, whilst managing the athletes return to their sporting activities. We are currently operating out of a residential address. To book a suitably timed session for you please check the calendar on our make a booking page for availability or contact us for further help on email

Where can I use my body measurements to find out information?

Here at Cardy Sports Clinic we are able to treat all of your injuries and complaints to get you back to what you love best. If you are looking to start exercising again but don’t know where to begin; set some goals. Goal setting is a great way to get you motivated and to see how well you are progressing. Our good friends at Your Health Calculator have a variety of health and fitness calculators to help you achieve your best.

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